Chrysanthemum is the Oxford University Roleplaying Society live-action game for Trinity 2013

The Empire of Chi'in is the greatest civilization in the world and the Order of the Chrysanthemum are its finest guardians. Fearsome warriors, sagacious doctors and canny bureaucrats from across the Empire assemble beneath the sign of the golden flower to pit their talents against the myriad of forces that threaten to tear Chi'in apart.

The Premise

The Empire of Chi'in has had a long and tumultuous history, and throughout it, the men and women of the Peerless Eternal Order of the Golden Chrysanthemum has ensured its survival. However, the long years of peace the Empire has recently enjoyed have weakened the Order. They are no longer the heroes of song and story as they were in days past. For the most part, they are talented, if uninspired men and women looking for a purpose in a world that has little need for them.

The current Emperor, Shen Lei, is widely held to be competent, but not a great Emperor as his predecessors were. Few songs will be penned about his rule. During his reign, the Imperial Navy sank ever deeper into penury. The Mercantile Guild finds itself embroiled in a war it can't win against the pirates to the East. Dark things stalk the jungles of the south, and the Lords and Kings pay ever smaller tributes to the Dragon Throne. The Emperor turned his gaze from the westerners, forbidding the citizens of Chi'in from doing trade with these foreigners despite the vast wealth they promise. His most memorable act will be committing the Order of the Black Lotus to assassinate the rising Khan in the North.

A scant few days before the Lantern Festival, the Emperor was found by Lady Xin in his bedchamber, murdered. He leaves behind no heirs. With the death of the Emperor, the Silver Bridge and the Gates of Heaven have been sealed. Until another with the mandate of Heaven sits upon the Dragon Throne, prayers will go unanswered and blessings ungiven. The Empire has been plunged into chaos, the Dukes of Chi'in are gearing themselves for civil war, and the Order of the Chrysanthemum finds itself with purpose once more.


Game sessions run on Tuesday evenings in term-time, from 7.30pm

Next session: Harris Seminar Room, Oriel College. Please join the rpgsoc mailing list to keep up to date (email rpgsoc-subscribe@maillist.ox.ac.uk).

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions! You can email the GM team at gm@chrysanthemum.chaosdeathfish.com

OOC Miscellania

Chrysanthemum is a fantasy game based on wuxia media such as Journey to the West, Bridge of Birds, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Hero, Red Cliff, Forbidden Kingdom, Exalted, and Jade Empire. No prior knowledge is required to play.

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